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Holy Trinity Church, Wonston

Priest-in-Charge Report

In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus’ (Philippians 1:5-6)

This report covers the 6 months since 30th June 2016 when I was licensed to the Upper Dever Benefice as Priest-in-Charge.

The past 6 months has been a time for us to get to know one another and start the process of working together. Bishop David’s plan required courage and imagination on the part of everyone, but particularly for the Upper Dever who had to forgo the opportunity to recruit nationally and accept his choice for the new priest-in-charge. Thank you for accepting this so graciously and for welcoming Helen and I into the communities of the Upper Dever. I am constantly reminded at how beautiful a place it is and what a privilege I have to co-ordinate and offer the spiritual care and leadership across all the parishes. Thank you also for the way in which you have welcomed new lay and ordained colleagues to join with existing lay leaders, that has made for a talented and creative ministry team that operates across from Woodmancott to Wonston and down into the Worthys.

One of the phrases I used at interview (and subsequently) was that ‘structure would follow practice’ – that is, we would concentrate on working together first and foremost and through that process we would discern the best way to embrace new patterns of working. I also stressed that this was a joining together in friendship and fellowship in Jesus Christ and whilst St Mary’s Kings Worthy had the resources to act as a ‘hub’, we would value and appreciate the diversity and distinctiveness of each parish and its local church with the Upper Dever. Adopting this approach, whilst starting to understand local issues and concerns, has been a way of building mutual trust and respect. Thank you for the various ways you have contributed to our mutual working and flourishing together.

Since July 2016 we have integrated the three curates, Jen, Cliff and Sarah and they have established good local relationships with PCCs and parishioners as they start their training amongst us. They each bring different gifts and abilities and it has been encouraging to see how those have been used and welcomed in various settings.

We are now entering the next phase of working together as we consider how and in what ways we might need ready ourselves for the future. Bishop David’s vision was that by working together we might see new resources identified, trained and deployed who would participate in services and assist in leading the mission of Christ locally. As we progress through 2017 and into 2018, this will need to become the focus of our energies and I look forward to having discussions (along with others) at PCCs, in church meetings and on an individual basis as we reach out to the future.

As such, I write this report with a sense of joy and thanksgiving for all that has happened and genuine encouragement about what might be possible as we submit ourselves to God’s will for the communities we live within.

I am deeply grateful to all who serve in the Upper Dever churches in whatever capacity - too many in number to list here in this report, for fear of missing anyone out. I can clearly see that it is the combination of time, talents and treasure without which we could not minister and live out the mission of Jesus as we are seeking to do.

I hope and pray that you are heartened and encouraged at all that we might explore and share together. I give thanks everyday for the opportunity to live alongside you and serve you in the name of Christ. I close this report with a quote from Andrew of Crete, an 8th Century Bishop and martyr, which we too might embrace.

‘So it is ourselves that we must spread under Christ’s feet, not coats or lifeless branches or shoots of tress, matter which wastes away and delights the eye for a few brief hours. But we have clothed ourselves with Christ’s grace, with the whole of Christ “for as many of you were baptised into Christ, have put on Christ” – so let us spread ourselves like coats under his feet.’

Revd Paul Bradish


The Upper Dever Benefice.

Lent 2017




Wonston parish is part of the Upper Dever Benefice within the Diocese of Winchester. Wonston PCC is responsible for co-operating with the Rector, or Priest-in-Charge, of the Upper Dever Benefice in promoting the mission of the Church of England in the ecclesiastical parish of Wonston, which includes Sutton Scotney and part of Norton. The parish church is Holy Trinity Church, Wonston.

Wonston PCC is a charity exempted from registration with the Charity Commission.

PCC Membership and Officers

During 2016, the following served as members and/or officers of the PCC:

Rector and PCC Chairman

Revd Sue Foster (until 29 Feb 16)

Priest-in-Charge and PCC Chairman

Revd Paul Bradish (from 30 Jun 16)

Churchwarden and Vice-Chairmen

Cdre Andrew Betton OBE RN

Mrs Sandy Fitzgerald (until 24 Apr 16)

Dr Sarah Hobhouse (from 24 Apr 16)

Representative on Winchester Deanery Synod

Mr Gerry Cornick

Dr Angela Lewis

Elected Members

Lt Col (Retd) Peter Barrett OBE (until 24 Apr 16), Mrs Bettina Betton (& Treasurer), Mrs Frances Burland, Mr George Gray (until 03 Oct 16), Mr Steve Preece, Mrs Sarah Stanton (Electoral Roll Officer & Secretary) and Mr Nicholas Wood.

Other Officers *

Mrs Janet Ryan (Archivist)

*not members of the PCC.

Review of the year

Upper Dever Ministry

Following the retirement of Revd Sue Foster as Rector of the Upper Dever Benefice (comprising the ecclesiastical parishes of East Stratton, Micheldever, Stoke Charity with Hunton, Wonston and Woodmancote with Popham) on 29 Feb 2016, the benefice entered interregnum until 30 Jun, when Revd Paul Bradish was licensed as Priest-in-Charge. Revd Bradish is also Priest-in-Charge of St Mary’s Kings Worthy and St Swithun’s Headbourne Worthy.


Wonston PCC met four times during 2016 (2015: four) with an average attendance of 75% (2015: 70%).

Church services

The established pattern of services at Holy Trinity was broadly maintained during 2016, including the period of interregnum, coordinated as far as possible with other services throughout the Upper Dever Benefice. Drawing on extensive support from across the Benefice and the Diocesan Registry our congregation was sustained with familiar forms of worship throughout the year. Our monthly ecumenical family service, held on the first Sunday in every month, offers a less formal environment, whilst traditional BCP Matins and Holy Communion services remain popular with parishioners. A monthly service of Holy Communion is also celebrated at Sutton Manor Nursing Home to serve the needs of those less able to travel to church. In order to mark the 90th Birthday of Her Majesty The Queen, a special service of celebration was held followed by a wonderful community lunch party in the churchyard. Other special services held during the year included an open air Witness Service on Good Friday at Sutton Scotney, a Palm Sunday procession through the village, Rogation walk with barbeque and a popular Christingle Service on Advent Sunday. Easter, Harvest Festival, Remembrance Sunday and Christmas services were all well supported.


The majority of services at Holy Trinity follow the traditional format of the Book of Common Prayer, although the monthly Family Service uses Common Worship (Order 1).

Occasional Services

In 2016 there were six baptisms (2015: eleven), four weddings (including blessings) (2015: four), and four funerals (excluding interments) (2015: seven) at Holy Trinity.

Church membership and attendance

The church electoral roll was updated in the spring following the full revision in 2013, and as at 24 April 2016 there were 80 persons on the roll (2015: 78). 20 of those on the roll were not resident in the Parish (2015: 19). The usual attendance at the principal Sunday service at Holy Trinity (other than 8.00am services) was approximately 19 including children (2015: 19), although this number increased significantly at festivals. The average attendance at Family Services was 20 (2015: 19). The overall Worshipping Community, as defined by Winchester Diocese, was recorded as 34 adults (2015: 33).

Holy Trinity Church, Wonston

Internally, regular weekly cleaning and a diverse range of floral displays have maintained a bright and welcoming environment, with heating and lighting systems functioning satisfactorily. All services have been appropriately maintained and inspected as required by current legislation.

The picturesque churchyard has been maintained by contracted grass cutting throughout the active growing season, augmented by 2 well-supported ‘clean-up days’ in the spring and autumn.

Clergy, Readers and Lay Worship Leaders

The retirement of Revd Sue Foster from the Upper Dever Benefice was marked by a series of poignant events across the community, including a farewell party held in The Old House adjacent to Holy Trinity. Supporting 6 churches across 9 rural villages, she left a strong legacy of mutual support, which sustained the various parishes through the subsequent months of interregnum. The generous support of various lay leaders, particularly Mr Peter Clarke a former churchwarden, enabled extensive self-help, although the PCC is particularly indebted to the Diocesan Registry staff who led numerous services with sensitivity to local needs.

The PCC is most grateful to all of them for their help and support during the interregnum and is now delighted to have embraced the opportunities offered by the new ‘cluster’ arrangement with the parishes of Kings Worthy and Headbourne Worthy. The Revd Paul Bradish is leading a team of licensed lay ministers, non-stipendiary ministers and 3 curates who have been assigned to the cluster, with Revd Jen Holder specifically working closely with the parish of Wonston, joining many community events and increasingly leading services at Holy Trinity.


The loyal team of bell-ringers has again consistently supported the principal service on Sundays throughout the year, as well as ringing for weddings and other special occasions. The PCC is thankful to Mr Paul Fitzgerald for his leadership as tower captain. The induction of 3 new members has brought welcome resilience to this enthusiastic team who add so much to this small rural community.

Other activities

A lively parish website, maintained by Lt Col Peter Barrett, offers access to a wide range of material, ranging from historic information to details of regular services and special events, attracting significant interest.

The PCC wishes to record its thanks to all those who worked so hard in a multitude of ways to sustain us through interregnum and to promote the life of the Church in the Parish in 2016, especially the Fete Committee, our Archivist, the contributors to the community magazines - the Dever and the West Dever News - the organists, sidesmen, lesson readers, bell-ringers, flower arrangers and church cleaners.

New members are always welcome and the PCC invites anyone interested in discovering more about any aspect of the church’s activity to contact a member of the PCC or a churchwarden.

Financial Review

£25,787 was spent during 2016 to provide Christian ministry in the Parish (2015: £28,027). This figure includes £19,318 (2015: £21,235) Parish Share allocation paid to the Diocese for the provision of stipends and housing for the clergy. The major review of Share apportionment conducted by the Diocese in 2014 determined the need for significant re-alignment, to reflect the scale of Holy Trinity’s Worshipping Community. A further reduction has been agreed for 2017, with an allocation of £18,825.

Supported by diverse fund-raising activity during the year, total income nevertheless reduced to £27,369 (2015: £30,006). Through careful management the PCC has been able to meet the demands of essential expenditure and, pending various items of irregular maintenance anticipated in 2017, recorded an annual surplus of £1,582 (2015: surplus £1,979). At 31 December 2015 the General Reserve stood at £10,793 (31 December 2015: £9,211).

Restricted Funds, comprising the Fabric Fund, Bell Fund and Churchyard Fund, benefited from specific regular donations and fund raising efforts to end the year with a total of £25,123 (2015: £24,241).

The PCC is most grateful to Mrs A J Sawdon ACA, BSc for acting as independent examiner in respect of the PCC’s accounts.

Parish Fund-raising

The annual Fete, held at The Old House in Wonston, raised £10,300 (2015: £7,238), including a specific £1,500 donation to the Fabric Fund. In common with previous events, 15% of the remaining total was also allotted to the Fabric Fund. Wider fund-raising activity throughout the year included Lent lunches, the sale of church mugs, Christmas cards and locally harvested apple juice, a coffee morning, the Historic Churches sponsored cycle ride and a stall at the local Christmas fair.

Charitable Giving

Total charitable giving by the PCC during 2016 was increased to £1,184 (2015: £608). The charities supported included the Royal British Legion, Action Aid, the Children’s Society and local charities, such as the Victoria Hall. A donation of food was also made to Naomi House Children’s Hospice following the Harvest Festival.

On behalf of Wonston PCC

Dr Sarah Hobhouse &

Cdre Andrew Betton OBE RN


20 March 2017


Services are held every Sunday in the Parish Church - Holy Trinity, Wonston - at 11.00am. The normal pattern is as follows:-

1st Sunday

8.00am Holy Communion (BCP, said)


Family Service (CW)

2nd Sunday



(BCP, sung)

3rd Sunday



 (BCP, sung)

4th Sunday


Holy Communion

(BCP, sung)

Enquiries on any aspect of parish affairs, applications for baptisms, weddings and funerals, and requests for visits to the sick or bereaved should be made to Revd Paul Bradish (01962 882166) or Revd Jen Holder (01962 889374) or via the parish website: